Future Museums

Future Museums was started in 2009 by Arkansas native Neil Lord. It started as mostly minimal guitar meditations, but the project has now evolved into a collaboration within the Austin ambient/pysch/experimental music community. It regularly features members of Single Lash, Xander Harris, and TV Honest and has in the past featured members of Woodsman, Poppy Red, SW/MM/NG, Mini Dresses, Voyageurs, Dr. Nod and more.

Future Museums has also released music via Holodeck Records, Fire Talk, and Mirror Universe.

In January 2017 Keeled Scales released Visible Nest, a return to Lord’s solo roots—8 beautifully meandering ambient drones that drizzle, lope, and gallop beneath the blood.

It’s a meditative album, that is somehow grand, intimate, and byzantine, and reminiscent of Brian Eno’s best Ambient work.